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Massage Training for Couples

Would you like to learn how to give your partner a wonderful massage? Or better yet, would you like him or her to learn to massage you?

Massaging each other can be a great way to improve a relationship. It is important for everyone to receive touch. But many people do not know how to offer touch that is nurturing and relaxing. In some marriages, partners only really touch each other when they are having sex.

Couple Massage can bring a sense of closeness and connection. And it can help you get the touch you need more often. When couples massage each other, they have ready access to the deep relaxation that is so important for a healthy lifestyle.

When I work with couples, I teach both partners how to massage each other. Each person gets time “on the table” receiving massage, and time practicing the strokes I suggest.

Because everyone is unique, I help partners find the right style for each other. Even if you do not have much aptitude in touch, I can teach you what you can do to to provide your partner a “deep serenity” experience.

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Deep Serenity Massage
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