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There are many different styles of massage, allowing each person to choose what kind of touch they enjoy. I have trained in the following modalities. Here is a brief description of each:


The combination of these modalities works with the more superficial muscles in a very fluid and nurturing way, connecting the whole body, and supporting deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue:

This modality uses more penetrating and precise pressure to get into the deeper muscle fibers, providing relief from acute or chronic tightness or pain.


This modality utilizes pressure to points along the meridians supporting the body’s chi or energy flow.

Hot Stone Massage:

This modality melts away tension by incorporating heated stones applied directly to the skin with nurturing Swedish massage strokes. Combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage encourages relaxation and increases blood circulation throughout the body.


This modality combines joint release, utilizing rocking and shaking, with more subtle energy work with the chakras, to bring the body back to a state of relaxed and open centeredness.

Pain Relief:

This modality works to relieve muscle tension by arranging the origin and insertion of muscles in such a way that alleviates the resistance or pull on the muscle fibers and greatly helps reduce pain.


This modality utilizes assisted stretching to give more freedom of motion to joints and flexibility to the muscles.


This modality, rooted in Chinese Taoism, utilizes more vigorous pressing and stroking to stimulate the body’s chi or energy flow. Amma massage combines deep tissue manipulation with pressure and friction to specific energy points.

“Amy brings her amazing spirit and presence and combines it with years of experience and technical expertise. Her gift as a massuse is profound and not to be missed.”


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“I loved my massage with Amy.Her hands were amazing. They could find their way into every nook and cranny. My shoulders were so loose afterwards. And she is so grounded and calm. I like just being around her.”


“Wow! I had no idea how deeply I could relax until Amy took me there with her massage. Every fiber of my being feels nourished and relaxed. I am whole again!”


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