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Transformational Bodywork

Emotionally Healing Touch

Transformational Bodywork is a hybrid of emotional healing and therapeutic touch. The physical pain in our bodies is inseparable from the emotional pain we all experience. Emotional pain is held in constricted muscle tissue, and chronic holding can lead to chronic pain. Holistic healing addresses both the need for the body to physically relax and for the emotions to safely release. Unfortunately, for the most part, psychotherapists don’t use touch and massage therapist don’t tune into emotional states.

It is a great joy of mine to bring therapeutic touch and emotional healing together. I have trained in the Hakomi Method of body-oriented therapy. This somatic approach to healing emotional pain has taught me how to be present with feelings that arise from the experience of therapeutic touch. In my transformational bodywork, I use the therapeutic touch skills I have learned through massage with the emotional processing skills I have learned in my practice of Hakomi. The resulting combination allows me to facilitate deep integrative healing.

Here is What it Looks Like:

We may talk a little when you arrive about how you are feeling or what has been stressing you lately. Then I invite you to lie on the table, allow your breathing to deepen and your body to relax. I use intuitive touch to bring your awareness to places in your body that may be holding tension or emotional blockage. In a very accepting, nurturing atmosphere we explore together whatever needs releasing in your body and your heart. Most of all, I connect with you through touch and presence to let you know you are not alone in whatever feelings arise for you.

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